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About Raymond

Hello everyone and welcome to my Chess-Time Center website. In this platform I will share with you my chess knowledge. I learnt how to play chess while at Junior Secondary school ( Junior high) and I started playing for the school. Chess has been my favorite board game ever since my junior high school times and I have passion for this game.

Chess is a very interesting game and it is more than just a game as it has great benefits. This benefits include improvement in memory and cognitive abilities, development of strategic thinking as well as boosting of brain functionality.

My Story

Growing up I had limited opportunities in terms of learning and practicing more chess as I was dependent on school equipment, that means I only played chess at school and during vacation I didn’t have anywhere to play chess or learn more about the game.

This was truly a great obstacle for my success in the game I love, but I did not give up. I used to visit my friends to play with them. When I was doing my Bachelor degree in Canada I started to play chess online as well as learning more about the game.

Playing chess online helped to improve my skill and I was crowned Laurentian University chess champion in 2011. The Sudbury Northern life newspaper interviewed me and shared this little story in their online news here

It Is More Than Just A Game.

Chess is a very beautiful game when you get to know it better and you will get to realize that it is not just a game but it is also a life lesson. It requires critical thinking and it can teach you discipline. In chess, you have to think ahead before making any move which is very necessary in everyday life, you need to think and plan wisely before making any decision.

Chess should be taken seriously as it is becoming a young people’s game. Most people play it for fun and do not take any steps to improve their game, therefore they do not progress in chess because they play same openings and moves every time. It is good if you come back to your game and analyze it, then see how it can be improved.

Some people give up easily after few games of not winning any game, thinking chess is not for them. The idea is to learn how to improve the game, do not give up after a negative outcome. Get online and find important blogs that can help you improve, read few chess books watch videos to learn more openings and practice more with different opponents.

Practice Makes Improvement.

Chess might be very difficult and confusing to a starter, but chess is not really that difficult, it just needs practice. This website will help starters to understand the game. Not only starters need to practice, everyone need to practice every time to improve his or her game.

Learning and practice makes improvement which leads to perfection. Learn more and do more practice to become a pro.

If you ever need a hand or have questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,






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