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  • Beginner Chess Strategies

    In this post I will take you through basic chess strategies, assuming you are a beginner who already know names of all the chess pieces and how they move. If you do not know or you want to remind you self, check my previous post about chess pieces names and moves If you are looking…

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  • Chess Pieces’ Names – Get To Know Chess Pieces & Moves

    After reading this article, you will be acquainted on chess pieces’ names and how they move. This is made simple for a beginner to follow. Game of chess is played with a total of 32 chess pieces, each player has 16 pieces which are distinguished by color. Chess pieces are identified as black and white,…

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  • About Raymond

    Hello everyone and welcome to my Chess-Time Center website. In this platform I will share with you my chess knowledge. I learnt how to play chess while at Junior Secondary school ( Junior high) and I started playing for the school. Chess has been my favorite board game ever since my junior high school times…

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